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Batman - The Attempted Case

The Script

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This is the unofficial "starter" script

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not supposed to be showing this as it can spoil the movie, but I am in dire need of a new ending (as you will soon be able to tell).  Please e-mail me at with your suggestions on how to make it better.

INT. Apparently Abandoned House – Bedroom:  A tall, well-built man stands in the middle of an old unkempt room with a bed in one corner.  He is dressed in a completely black costume, except for a silver bat on his chest.  A mask keeps anyone from seeing the identity of this strange man.  Another man enters.  This one also has a mask, but he is dressed in green.  A large, golden question mark covers a good portion of the front side of his shirt.


            Second Man:  Hey man, you done yet?  I think he’s about got the Riddle I left for him figured out.


            First Man:  You left him another riddle?  You do realize that every time you leave someone one of those infernal notes they find you out, right?  No matter though, I have found what we came here for, and, Riddler, my pal, it seems that, for once, you were right.  Come, we have no need to stay here any longer.  


INT. Wayne Manor – Small Dining Room:  Bruce sits alone at a table strewn with documents and pictures of various things.  He seems especially intrigued with a single piece of paper folded in half with a large golden question mark on one side.  He opens it and reads it for what seems like the millionth time.  He shakes his head, sighs, and puts the paper back down.  He sighs louder, then gets up and heads by the camera, exiting to the room behind it.


INT. No Longer Supposedly Abandoned House:  Bruce sits in another messy room.  A T.V. sits on one side of the room along with a computer.  There is a more modern computer on the other side of the room, and it is in front of here that we see Bruce.  He is busily typing away.  After a while he shakes his head, sighs, and erases everything he has typed.  He begins to type again, but once again he shakes his head, sighs, and erases everything.  He does this a few more times when a beeping begins.  The beeping slowly becomes more rapid and louder.  Bruce once again erases everything he has typed, and he finally seems to notice the beeping.  He slowly pushes the keyboard back and turns off the monitor.  He pushes his chair back from the computer and raises his watch to his mouth.  He pushes a button and the beeping stops; he then speaks for the first time.


Bruce:  What is it Alfred?


Alfred (his voice emitting from the watch):  Master Bruce, I have found out something very interesting, you ought to come here quickly.


Bruce:  There’s no time, it may already be too late for Tim, just tell me now.


Alfred:  Very well, Master Bruce.  You see, I first did as you said and checked for any suspicious radio signals that may have been emitted from any locations, but the results came up negative.  However, I did realize a new way that they could send communications quickly when I began to unthaw your chicken.


Bruce (now sitting up straight):  Of course!  Alfred, check the immediate area for any traces of rays coming from any old, abandoned microwave dishes.


Alfred:  Way ahead of you sir.  There’s one just a little ways away.  It’s located at 12357 5th Place. 


Bruce:  Thanks a lot Alfred; I’ll use the spare batsuit I have stored here.


Alfred:  Do you still wish for me to make your dinner, Master Bruce?


Bruce:  No need Alfred, I’ll pick something up on the way.


Alfred:  Good luck.


Bruce puts his arm down, turns on the computer monitor, types in a few things, and nods, a slight grin creeping across his face. 


INT. No Longer Supposedly Abandoned House – Hallway:  Bruce comes out of a doorway to the side at the end of the hallway.  He turns away from the camera, towards a closed door.  He knocks two times slowly, and then three times quickly.  There is a click and Bruce opens the door.  It ends up that there is a closet on the other side, which is also messy and unorganized.  Hanging amid coats and other such things is the dark costume seen worn before by the mysterious man in the bedroom.


INT. Old Microwave Dish Base – Waiting Room Looking Room:  The caped man from earlier on can once again be seen with the Riddler.  There are also three other men here.  They are large and slightly well-built.  They are sitting in a medium-sized room.  There is a couch here and another chair.  A coffee table is in front of the couch, which is occupied by the masked man.  He is currently the only one sitting, but after a brief second he stands up.


Masked Man:  Well Riddler, if you are right again, he should be here any moment now.  You better not be wrong, remember what happened to the others when they were wrong?  Just ask these nice thugs here, and they’ll refresh your memory really well.


The Riddler merely nods and never says a word.  He is nervous and so is everyone else obviously.  The thugs keep making nervous glances towards the far door.  Suddenly a small service door on the other side of the building bursts open.  A figure walks through; this man is also dressed in the “batsuit”.  He steps up to the first “Batman”.


“Batman” #2:  All right, I’m here.


“Batman” #1:  Yes, I knew you would be, and this time, (he glances back to where the Riddler and the thugs stand) I’m ready.


“Batman” #2:  Oh really?  Or maybe you just don’t know what’s going on.


The thugs all jump on the first “Batman”.  They pin him down with much difficulty, but after a while the pinned “Batman” stops struggling.


Standing “Batman”:  Oh please, didn’t you read the Riddler’s pathetic little riddle?  It told you everything you needed to know.  Don’t you remember what it said?


Pinned “Batman”:  Yeah, it said, “The acrobat is done and the detective is next.  Guard him, and you’ll both fall; leave him, and you’ll be fine”.  Not really a riddle if you ask me.


Standing “Batman”:  But nobody asked you, Bruce.


The pinned “Batman's" eyes widen dramatically with shock.  The Joker reaches over and pulls of his mask to reveal, none other then, Bruce Wayne.[m1] 


Bruce/Batman:  But, what?  How did?  Who are you?!?


Mysterious Batman:  Ah, poor Brucey, always in the dark.  Well, I think you at least deserve to know who killed you.


The mysterious Batman turns around and slowly pulls off his mask.  The camera is pointed at the ground so all you can see is the mask hit the ground.  You can hear Bruce scream/yell in both anger and surprise.  The camera pans back up so you can see the mysterious man.  The man has brown/blonde hair and his face is covered in white make-up.  He begins to laugh uncontrollably and eerily.


Make-up Man:  You see now Bruce?  Do you now get the so obvious clue?  You are so used to things being difficult that you thought too much.  The acrobat is Dick Grayson, your first Robin, a shame he didn’t die when I shot him.  The detective is Tim Drake, for how he found out about you, Dick, and your little aliases.  Now you came, but only you will die, for now.


Bruce/Batman:  What are you up to Joker?  Just leave the boy alone, he never did anything!  At least let me see that he’s all right for now!


Joker:  Oh silly, ignorant, old coot.  We don’t even have Tim!  It was all just a threat to get you here!  The Riddler and I snuck into that old abandoned house you use sometimes.  I erased the e-mail Tim sent you saying that he was merely flying out to Hawaii for vacation.


Bruce/Batman:  How did you know that I use that old place?


Joker:  Don’t you remember Brucey, the Riddler knows who you are; just he’s usually too out of it to remember anything at all.  But in Arkham Asylum one evening I could hear him mumbling in the cell next to me, and he said something that made the happy come right back to me.  He said, “The Bat’s Bruce.”  I knew that you were the only Bruce in this God forsaken place that had a vengeance and enough money for all those gizmos.  After the Riddler and I helped each other to escape that dump of an asylum we immediately began wondering where your base of operations could be.  We figured that you were probably smart enough to have yours underground, but we thought you might have some other little place you go sometimes.  We thought it was a long shot.  Imagine our surprise when we found an old house owned by a Thomas Wayne.  What was it an old summer house?”  Such a shame he couldn’t go back to it, huh?  Too bad he got shot.


Bruce/Batman yells out again.  He struggles with all his might against the thugs holding him down, but they won’t let him up.


Joker:  My, my, Bruce.  Such a city like this shouldn’t have a “protector” with such an anger problem.  But that’s no problem, for soon they won’t have you around any longer.


The Joker reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pistol.  He points it at Bruce/Batman’s head.  He cocks the gun, and the camera zooms in to merely show the Joker’s finger beginning to squeeze the trigger.  The camera quickly zooms back out to show Bruce/Batman throwing the thugs away from him, while still lying down.  One of the thugs hits the Joker, who is knocked down.  His gun goes skittering across the floor, stopping at a pair of feet.  The camera pans upwards to show the feet belonging to the Riddler.  The Riddler picks up the gun and points it at the now standing Bruce/Batman.


Riddler:  Riddle me this Batman:  If a Bat is shot, does anybody care?


Bruce/Batman:  Forget it Riddler, I could take you down.


Riddler:  Yes, you could.  But riddle me this also:  Can bats get to people before bullets get to them?


Bruce/Batman:  One can only hope.


Bruce/Batman begins to run forward, and then suddenly lunges at the Riddler.  A gunshot is heard, and Bruce/Batman falls to the ground in front of the Riddler.  Suddenly a brightly dressed masked figure jumps toward the Riddler from behind him.  The Riddler turns in time to receive a kick to the gut.  The Riddler falls to the ground gasping for air.  The brightly dressed figure suddenly falls to the ground, and the Joker is shown standing behind him, his foot digging into the brightly dressed person’s back.  Suddenly the Joker is shown on the ground next to the brightly dressed figure.  Bruce/Batman is shown standing over the Joker, his mask back on, and his hand still raised to usual neck-level for the Joker.  He slowly puts it down and helps the newcomer to his feet.


            Batman:  Good job Robin.


            Robin:  You to Batman.


            Riddler:  What?  But that annoying brat is supposed to be in another state for another week.


            Batman:  Poor Riddler, always in the dark.  I first became suspicious when Mr. Thompson from the Real Estate Agency first told me that a brightly dressed, brownish-blonde haired man slightly resembling the Joker had come in inquiring whether or not there was any more property, besides Wayne Manor, that was owned under the Wayne name.  I knew the man had to be the Joker, and immediately assumed that you were going to try to raid the place for useful information.  I had Robin send me a false e-mail from his laptop saying that he had gone to Hawaii, in hope that it would give you an idea; and you took it hook, line, and sinker.


            Robin:  So, what about the Joker.  What did you do to him?  What will you do with him and the Riddler?


            Batman:  Don’t worry Robin; I merely gave him a blow that rendered him unconscious.  Before the Joker wakes up they will have both been put back in Arkham Asylum, and will have been given this.


Batman holds up a veil filled with a green liquid.  Robin studies it carefully and finally asks the question on his mind.


            Robin:  What is that Batman?  Is it poison?


            Batman:  Hardly Boy Wonder.  You know that I never kill a person.  It is simply a potion I concocted that will erase any memory they have of Bruce Wayne being Batman.


            Riddler:  And you actually expect me to stick around like a good little boy and let you give that to me?  Fat chance Bats.


The Riddler quickly gets up and begins to run away.  Batman picks up a large pipe and throws it waist-high at the Riddler.  The Riddler ducks to try to avoid the pipe.  The camera pans out and no longer shows the Riddler or anyone else.  There is a loud crack, and a clanging as the pipe falls to the ground.  The camera pans back over to show the Riddler lying on the ground.  Batman steps up to him and puts two fingers up to his neck, checking his pulse.  Batman shakes his head to the watching Robin, and a look of grief washes over both of them.  They both turn towards the Joker who is still lying on the ground in the feedle position.  Robin slowly turns back around to face Batman, a look of wonder on his face.


            Batman:  Don’t worry Robin, I already checked his pulse, he’s perfectly fine, except for maybe a sore neck.

Robin still doesn’t look quite sure, but he turns back around to face the Joker.


            Robin:  Well, I guess we better hurry up and give him that potion before the police get here.


            Batman:  Right.  We don’t want to be here when that happens.  I don’t want anyone ever finding out about our secret identities ever again.  (Facing toward the Riddler)  And I don’t want that to ever happen again.


The camera pans over so that Batman and Robin are in between it and the still open door.  Batman walks over next to Robin, and pats him softly on the shoulder.  He then leans over and pours some of the liquid into the Joker’s mouth.  He holds his nose until you can see the Joker swallow.  Batman gets up and nods to Robin.  They both walk away from the camera and to the door.  Batman stops at the door, glances back at the Riddler, and then closes the door.